Vanguard Pacific's has expertise in:  

  • Managing subcontractors for cost and quality control
    • Overseeing both horizontal and vertical construction
      • Staying on budget and on schedule
        • Ensuring all safety protocols are met
          • Meeting local, state, and federal environmental laws
            • Quality control
              • Subcontractor management
                • Change management

project & construction management

Vanguard Pacific LLC 


facilities maintenance services; project & CONSTRUCTION management, and construction & renovation SERviCEs


Vanguard Pacific is a facilities maintenance company that provides comprehensive facility maintenance solutions. Our strength is in providing outstanding service at the lowest possible cost, which we do by employing cost-savings innovations, using proven contractors, and careful tracking of hours and job progress.

Our exceptional quality workmanship comes from using a network of certified, carefully screened contractors. 

We can help with the construction or the renovation of small and large projects, emergency disaster repair and relief, and historic building renovation.

Our experience includes:

  • Horizontal and vertical construction
    • HVAC Renovation and Replacements
      • Hurricane restoration and renovation
        • Restoration/maintenance of historic facilities





facilities maintenance services